Human Resources support for business.

Areas of Practice


Employee/Management Relations

Are you ready for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)?

Do you know what a Union Authorization Card is or looks like?  Employees signing this card can cause your business to become unionized under this law not if but when President Obama signs it.  Tom has successfully managed numerous unionization campaigns, resulting in No Union.

Start-Up Company Experience

Tom was one of three individuals employed in September 1975 by Williams Brothers Engineering Company to help create the organization to startup the Naval Petroleum Reserve #1 (Elk Hills). Within fifteen months, Williams Brothers became a fully integrated oil producing company of 650. During this period, oil production rose from 1,800 bod to 190,000 bod.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Who has time to LISTEN?  Conflict does not normally get resolved if the parties are not willing to listen.  Focusing on the real issues and find the "common thread" that leads to resolution are also critical.  Tom facilitates these session to where the parties involved can live with the final outcome.


Everyone can use a coach from time to time.  Tom has been in the coaching and mentoring business for over twenty years.  Coaching newly appointed family members or long term incumbants as CEO's or working with troubled or newly promoted supervisors are routine activities at Tom See and Associates.

Human Resources Management

Temporary Professional and Managerial assignments:

  • Just in time HR consultation (e-mail or telephone)
  • Establishing a new HR department and coaching incumbents-Specialty recruiting of HR professionals

Conducting HR Department Audits/Reengineering

Policy & Procedure development including handbooks

Developing Performance Management/Compensation program, policy and procedure

Problem Solving - questions/answers (on-site or off-site) 

Turn Around Experience

Tom was employed by California Production Services as one of three Vice Presidents to turn around the one time premier oil well service company. Industrial injuries were rampant and costs were out of control. The company returned to their premier status in forty eight months and was later sold to the worlds largest well servicing company.

Using Assessments

"Hiring Right" is critical to all business and the cost of turnover is the evidence that it needs to be a greater priority today.  Peter Drucker stated "you will replace 66% of the people you hire today in 18 months."  

One of the reasons for this is we make most of our hiring decision based on the interview.  Many of our hiring decision are made in the first 5 minutes during the interview.  We need more that a gut feeling when making these decisions.  Profiles International has developed "world class" assessments to provide the employer more information about the candidate.  We can help you in the use of these assessments.

For general information and sample reports go to then come to us for assistance in their use.

Mergers and Acquisition

Most mergers and acquisitions do not achieve their desired financial objectives. One of the main reasons reported has been the lack of strategy and study of organizational cultures and human capital integration.  Tom has coordinated the human capital integration in several mergers. He has served as a strategy consultant in preparing several companies for sale or merger.


Tom helped establish the Family Business Institute at California State University, Bakersfield.  The process we use to develop Family Business Councils is unique and successful.  Our Family Business Governance process helps family business leaders and members focus on the right things.

Team Facilitation

Getting work groups to function as efficient teams is difficult unless the participants, sponsors and leaders understand team development dynamics.  We can assist you in "setting up" your team to succeed.  Use of a team mandidate, process checks, and critical tools are but of a few of the take-aways your teams can benefit from.

Process Improvement and Quality Management

We can assist you in developing the basics of Total Quality Management (TQM) to facilitating "Kaisen" events.  Today we must continually improve the way we do business in order to compete.  Workshops and actual work situation improvement events can be scheduled to help internalize TQM, 5S, Problem Solving/Decision Making, Flowcharting and basic "LEAN" techniques and processes.