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In the book entitled “Everyday Greatness... Inspirations for a Meaningful Life”, Stephen R. Covey relays stories of everyday individuals woho, through adversity and challege, live to do their best. Mr. Covey provides commentary on each story, which brings home his theory that every individual has a potential for greatness. In my opinion, Tom See exemplifies the same teacher of wisdom and inspiration. Tom is a great human being and an even greater mentor. It is my great pleasure to know him.
— Jerry Klassen, President and CEO, Klassen Corporation, Bakersfield, CA
Not only did he make all of our trainers comforable, he taught them the tools they are teaching now!
— Don Trybul, Assistant General Manager Bechtel Petroleum
We now have a vision, strategic plan, and action plans to achieve our potential. Tom has facilitated the process to achieve our dreams.
— Frank Golden, President P&G Communications, Inc.

Tom has been an asset to the School of Business and Public Administration and the University at large serving on our Advisory Board and co-founding the Family Business Institute. He has taught the Managing Human Resources certificate program and main campus HR courses for several years and has received outstanding student evaluations year after year.
— Henry Lowenstein, Ph.D. Dean, School of Business and Public Administration, California State University, Bakersfield, CA
We are a 40-year-old family owned business - Tom has facilitated our family business counsel to the point of self-governance. He has provided timely strategic planning, personnel acquisition, training and mentoring to me - in all this he continues to be a valued part of our team.
— A.T. Champness, President Kern Steel Fabricators, Inc. and Drill Cool Systems, Inc.
Our organization has benefitted from Tom’s input to improve our customer relations, human resources management, and our quality processes. He continues to be an ‘added value’ part of our team.
— John Braun, President Braun Electric Company, Inc.

Tom is a ‘can do’ person who has caused us to achieve results well beyond our expectations. We have greatly benefitted from his advice as our family business consultant.
— Ken Small, President Ken Small Construction, Inc.
Tom is an excellent third party facilitator with significant alliance partnering experience. He helps teams achieve their objectives.
— Dennis Creech, Puchasing Manager AERA Energy, LLC
Tom has facilitated the Department Chairman’s and Department of Medicine annual strategic planning retreats with results that have delighted me. Also, he as been a trainer and change-agent with a number of our departments.
— Marvin Kolb, Medical Director, Kern Medical Center, Bakersfield, CA
From the first day, he lifted our morale by instructing us in methods for identifying and harvesting the ‘low hanging fruit.
— Bill Chaney, Vice President Global Fabricators